Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My favorite sewing tip~Make your own patterns

When clothing gets worn out and can't be worn anymore. I cut them and use them as patterns to make myself new clothes. My favorite clothing of choice to wear/make is scrub pants, since I work from home they are comfy to wear during the day and also make great pj's for night time use. Making scrub pants myself is not only way cheaper than buying, but I can choose the material and print I want to use, making them custom made just for me. Which I find fun!

Here is why I use worn out clothing as patterns:
Saves me time as I don't have to do any hunting for just the right pattern.
I save money no need to buy patterns.
I know the items I make will fit me perfectly in length and fit as I am using the original item as a pattern to make a new one. No alterations needed. Big time saver!
I do this with scrub pants, skirts and shirts the most.

I store my cloth patterns in Ziploc bags that are clearly labeled so I can use them again for future use. I store them safely in my sewing cabinet. This prevents them from accidentally being used as cleaning rags by me or other members of my family.