Thursday, August 29, 2013

Refrigerator Tin Storage

Whipped these up this morning, they were fast and simple to make.

They look adorable on the refrigerator, gave one to my son to take home, he loved it!
 photo IMAG0023.jpg
First container I thought it would be cool to save the lid and stick it closed for paper clips, thumb tacks etc. Gives it a cool twist.

**These can also be used on a file cabinet or anything metal that magnets cling to. A  great way to recycle these containers!

Materials: What You Need
Small powerful magnets
Empty Containers: Spice, Tea, etc.

I used size 12mm magnets and with my hot glue gun
glued the magnets on the outside of containers.
(You can also glue magnets to the inside)

 photo IMAG0022.jpg

I used a plastic tin to hold memo pad & pens

Inspired by Martha's Cute idea