Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pick your own pine cones

This is the perfect time to head out and pick pine cones and get a jump start on holiday craft projects. I spent the weekend visiting my parents and their neighbor has a big beautiful tree, she allowed us to go in her backyard and pick pine cones. I washed them up today and have them drying on a screen.

They sell pine cones in craft stores for about $5-$6 a bag so I saved some money by picking them and cleaning them myself. I cannot wait to make some cool items out of them. I plan on doing some wreaths, add some to baskets, endless ideas for them. Will post pictures at a later time when I've completed my projects.

** There are 2 methods you can do bake them or wash them.
I washed mine in the kitchen sink 3 times in very warm water and laundry detergent. Let them soak each time for 20 minutes, drained the sink and filled it up with soap and water again. Rinse well when they are no longer sticky. Washing them gets rid of all the sap, small bugs and dirt. The pine cones petals will close up, but they will open again as they dry.

The bake method I didn't do as there is a chance of starting a fire in your oven and you really need to watch closely and stay in the kitchen.